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Ruby on Rail, a Hero Among Developers

Roshna Sankar
Friday, April 2, 2010
Roshna Sankar
As an effort to create more awareness about the advantages of Ruby on Rail (RoR) among developers, the Ruby community organized a two-day conference recently in Bangalore. Developers representing 119 companies flew in from 29 cities across the globe to attend the conference. Ruby is an open source, dynamic programming language that offers an ideal environment for developers.

The conference concentrated on various aspects of RoR. Ola Bini (core committer on JRuby since 2006) enlightened the developers on the different programming languages and their needs, origins, a small taxonomy of languages, and some ideas about what might happen in the future. Obie Fernandez (pioneering Rails developer and author of ‘The Rails Way’) articulated his views on dos and don’ts for developers in a lighter vein. The conference also focused on entrepreneurs and startups. Pradeep Elankumaran from Intridea handled a session on startups.

“It was a total joy to see India assemble its own high caliber developers - free from the economic dictates of powerful anti-productive software forces in the west,” says Roy Singham, Founder of ThoughtWorks.
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