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Robosoft: Gaming on the Go

Hari Anil
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Hari Anil
The IT sector has recovered well after the economic meltdown and has started to pick up its pace opening avenues for development firms. With the Smartphone revolution, platforms like iPhone, Android and Blackberry have created a huge demand to develop on the go applications for both businesses and entertainment. The result is that the Mobile Development space is expanding widely, generating a lot of revenue and has quickly become a domain to be focused on. “Our expertise in developing applications for the Mobile platforms has given us an edge and because of this, we’re attracting clients from all over the world,” says Rohith Bhat, Managing Director & CEO, Robosoft Technologies.

In 1996 Robosoft Technologies started as a small startup that grew to a mid sized company, specializing in C, C++, and Java product development for Mac OS and Windows, providing software product development services to its global clientele. The company expanded itself into the mobile market and took on the iPhone platform when Apple launched the device in 2008 and came out with top-notch games for clients. With the rise of other mobile platforms like Android, Symbian and Blackberry, they also successfully ported these games to suit these platforms.

Teams that are driven by the desire to create world-class products and applications to solve real world problems and the R&D’s focus on discovering innovative solutions, together forms an integral part of the company’s Product Development cycle and this sets them apart from their competition. Still in all its markets, whether it’s Windows or Mac or Mobile platforms, the company is facing stiff competition. “The market is booming, so obviously the competition is cutthroat and to survive it, we focus on strong R&D and nurturing a results-driven team passionate about the working on new technologies,” says Bhat. “We believe in making our employees feel at home with cutting edge technology. Employees have access to a plethora of resources and are encouraged to learn more about their area of interest. Each individual is challenged to test their potential and come up with ideas that’ll someday change the face of the business,” he adds.

The most precious resources for the company are its employees and it continuously works on creating the right work atmosphere that fosters creativity. Extensive training programs are conducted to provide employees with opportunities to enhance their technical and professional skills. The company also has an internship program with which they mold raw talent and grooms students into working professionals providing them exposure to the current technologies. “The only thing constant in the IT industry is change. With new platforms coming up in succession, it’s a challenge to adapt to these changes and deliver,” says Bhat about the challenges that the company faced.

The gaming industry is booming right now and this is the best time to be in this business. “We have plans to get our games on other major mobile platforms in the coming years. Along with this, we also hope to expand our base of global clientage and make Robosoft a brand to reckon with,” Bhat says, giving an insight into his company’s future plans.
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