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Rise IT & Digital Marketing: Taking Online Marketing a Step Ahead

Brinda Das
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Brinda Das
The world of communications and branding has undergone a sea change in the last decade with digital marketing eclipsing its print and electronic counterparts by a mile. Online marketing is fast gathering steam with more than a quarter of marketers globally slashing their traditional advertising budgets to fund more digital marketing.

Many big companies have allotted huge sums of money towards digital marketing to get greater ROIs. Following the pathway of such giant companies, small start-ups have also started investing money in the online platform. The stage seems set for innovative companies to come and revolutionize the online business space. But the challenge lies in creating the right amount of buzz with minimal resources. For this, companies need to partner with such digital marketing companies who have a knack to counter this challenge. One such company is Rise IT & Digital Marketing, a startup established in 2014 with a focus to generate greater traffic and increased customer engagement for their websites.

Rise IT & Digital Marketing was one of the few companies to attain the Google Partner badge during its initial days of inception. It provides a series of digital marketing services to its customers to set up a versatile website for their brands. "Having just a website is a thing of the past, it makes no sense to have one if you don't get the visitors you envisioned at the start. Our tailor-made programs are designed for getting prospects and your target audience to come and see you and engage with you," says Sunil Prajapati, Principal, Rise IT & Digital Marketing.

"We have positioned ourselves as a full service Digital Marketing services provider. We also conceptualize and build world-class websites as per the business. Through our Search Engine promotions, we deploy superior online marketing practices to help our clients connect with their target audience. On the other hand, our Social Media promotions help brands communicate directly with their customers. We specialize in Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Marketing and all kinds of visual creative for online websites," says Miten Parikh, Principal Rise IT & Digital Marketing.

The company has already bagged six major customers in the U.S. and India. It understands the need to keep customers happy at all times. "We proactively engage with our customers. Our evaluations and reporting is transparent. We measure results on a daily basis for every customer we work with. We are exploring the potential of combining online and offline marketing so that the message is uniform across all channels," says Rituraj Borooah, Principal Rise IT & Digital Marketing. He adds that setting up a campaign and then reviewing it on a daily basis is part of the company's ethos.

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