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Ripple IP Services: Where Law, Technology & Business Expertise Intersect

Pankaj Kundwani
Friday, May 1, 2015
Pankaj Kundwani
Patents are legal instruments used for protecting technological innovation, and not surprisingly, tend to get legally or technologically involved. While the patentability of an invention depends on how novel the technology is in comparison to what is known, and legal strength of a patent comes from the language used, the real value of a patent lies in capturing how the invention is used, that is, its utility. In drafting a patent application, an endless number of technological advances can be mentioned using exceptional language, but eventually, the patent claims that are granted by the government to an applicant are all that really matters. Unfortunately, a large number of patents that are filed are directed towards just covering the technology using needlessly expansive language, and not so much the use of technology.

Mastering the art of business relevant patents isRipple IP Services Pvt.Ltd.,a niche technology focused intellectual property (IP) consulting company based out of Delhi. Founded in 2006, the organization brings together technology understanding, ability to identify the business value, and an in-depth understanding of global best practices in patents, to create strong patent protection for its clients.

The eight-year old company took birth at a time when IP was rarely talked about in India. Since inception, Ripple IP has been living up to its vision of providing high quality patent services at par with the global standards. The company is headed by Praveer Gupta, who brings over 12 years of extensive IP and Technology Strategy experience. Prior to starting Ripple IP, he worked at the Technology Strategy and Innovation group at Sarnoff Corp (now SRI, and popular as among the 'brain trusts of America'), and at General Electric's Corporate R&D center at Bangalore, with a primary focus towards US Patents. He has worked with several Patent Attorneys in the US and Europe on patent strategy and patent preparation and prosecution activities, and across a wide range of technologies ranging from software, energy, industrial, electronics, healthcare, among several others, with a focus on pure and applied software technologies.

Notably, he conceptualized framework and models for licensing and valuation of patents in emerging technologies, helped monetize patents to 6-figure US dollar valuations, led intra-company patent consulting groups, and helped set up entire innovation and IP processes at various technology companies. Praveer received a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi, and is trained in the US Patent Law and Six Sigma methodology. An entrepreneur at heart and among the most experienced patent professionals in India, Praveer brings to Ripple IP an in-depth experience of protecting and monetizing innovation across cutting edge technologies, exposure to global patent issues, and immense experience with pure and applied software technologies.

Meeting each client's expectation aligned with their strategic goals, the team at Ripple IP comprises of people who come from strong technology backgrounds from among the best institutions in the country. The organization has a great track record of serving companies ranging from Fortune 10 technology organizations, global energy companies, software and Internet companies, and startups across diverse technology fields. "You're trying to protect technology, for a business interest, and the way you're protecting it is by using law. This is a complex intersection of three very diverse domains, and can only be effectively achieved when smart people, processes and an in-depth understanding of how successfully enforceable patent applications are built, intersect with each other. One of our unique abilities is to ramp up rapidly on understanding on our clients' technology and business, and bring our global patent expertise to create maximum value for their hard-earned inventions through patents," says Praveer Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ripple IP Services Private Ltd.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Great article - I have personally interacted with Ripple IP Services and Praveer and his in depth knowledge on the subject is second to none.
Posted by: - 25th Dec 2014
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