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February - 2007 - issue > Company Profile

Ride the rapids- PMC way!

Vidya Balakrishnan
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Vidya Balakrishnan
Arun Bellary, Managing Director of PMC-Sierra (India), loves river rafting with his team. He enjoys navigating through rapids at a depth of 60 feet while busy dodging sharp boulders and rocks. For him it calls for true passion, not to mention incessant teamwork to ensure the safety of the participants. But it is not restricted to fun alone; Bellary is using the same principles of river rafting to guide the India development team of PMC-Sierra from scratch, through the vast semiconductor space. In fact, river rafting is among the several team-building lessons that all the employees at the center are put through.

After all, Bellary’s intentions are clear; Build an entire chip from India by 2008, front-end to back-end, all the way to fab. And the first step toward this would be building a strong and passionate team.

Headquartered in Canada, the providers of broadband communications, storage semiconductors and wireless infrastructure made way for their Indian counterparts in 2006 with a three-member team. Now one year in the making and with 45 employee and 70+ contractors from design services companies with a total team of 115+ engineers, PMC- Sierra's India development center is taking small but strong strides in creating software for the telecom, storage and wireless space.

It has now moved on from the traditional embedded software and design verification of chip to innovating and performing complex bloc designs.

While facts would show that other semiconductor companies in the country took a while to build such competencies, Bellary feels that PMC is more confident in the capability of the Indian engineers. His confidence emulating from the current progress they have had. “The country has the talent and we have the passion, I don’t see what can stop us,” he echoes.

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