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Remo Software: Recovering, Managing & Optimizing Your Data

Sudhakar Singh
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Sudhakar Singh
Enterprise data management is one of the areas which is being seen by IT firms as a priority area for investment. Most of the Chief Information Officers share this belief that there is a need to manage data in a more efficient way. High-quality data is an immense asset for any organization, yet data degenerates over time and achieving accuracy and consistency can be a major task. Rampant data growth is the IT industry’s single most important issue, affecting budgets, operating costs, floor space and of course capital expenditure through the amount of data created and its associated storage and management cost. According to IDC, the amount of electronic data created is expected to reach 35 zeta bytes by 2020. Software vendors are coming up with various software products to enable organizations to manage their data.

Similarly, consumers are also faced with personal data management needs. There are various software tools available for management and optimization of data but in contrast to application software, utility software tools are usually not very user-friendly. Their complex interface discourages the users from regularly using the software. However, Remo Software, which designs and develops system utility software and provides its customers with simple, effective and affordable software tools, has successfully helped its clients in recovery, management and optimization of data. Its customer centric focus helps them in delivering user friendly software coupled with customer support.

This Bangalore based startup was founded in 2011 by Omer Faiyaz who has expertise in the consumer software domain. He decided to develop a tool that could be used by computer, tablet and mobile users. To fund this activity Faiyaz and his team built and launched a few tools that could raise enough money to bring out the prime application. “The products in the industry that we are a part of are either offered by individuals or by companies that are very fragmented; most are not focused on good customer service, neither do they have a scalable product strategy. At Remo, we are focused on providing consumers with top of the line tools, excellent support and continuous upgrades in this fast changing market,” says Faiyaz, CEO, Remo Software.

The coming data deluge, an exponentially increasing volume of computer information and analysis, presents a challenge and an opportunity for almost every sector of the economy and society. In addition to this there is also a personal need of individual to erase, recover, and manage his/her data. Remo Software caters to both of these groups and assists them in better management and protection of their data. The company is an expert at salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage media. This requirement of a good recovery option can be justified through many examples. Nearly 46 percent of computer users lose data every year. A dead drive can be a result of many different things including physical failure, corruption, human error, water damage and the list goes on and on. According to a recent study by Google, disk drives over a year old have a one in ten chance of failure each year. That being said, 50 percent of drives will fail every five years.
The data recovery services industry is witnessing a decline which is expected to accelerate over the next five years. The decrease reflects the continued movement by businesses and consumers away from data recovery services and toward other technologies, such as data backup and recovery software and do-it-yourself recovery tools and tutorials. Under these circumstances, there is a good demand for software which provides a complete solution when it comes to managing and securing the large amount of data. Remo Software Private Limited, with its team of 100 people, is providing a user-friendly software solution combined with customer support. They have comprehensive team setup with Programmers, Marketing & Sales Staff, QA Staff and a 24x7 customer care team. They provide product and support to recover, repair, manage, optimize and secure data. For example, Remo Recover for Android is specially designed to recover data from Android phones. The application vigorously scans both the internal and external phone memory of the device, to identify lost or deleted files, including Android Application Package Files (APK), and restores them for reuse. There are other products which specialize in repairing, managing, optimizing, and securing data.

The company aims to launch its main set of tools starting January 2014 and then scale up its outreach to the consumers. “We want to be a global company, with offices in the U.S. and Europe by early 2015, and build several innovative functions in our tools that will make life easier for consumers in managing their smart devices. The entire team at Remo shares this vision and is working towards it,” adds Faiyaz.
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