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Re-inventing the Wheel in the Business of Modular Furniture

Alok Duggal, Founder & COO, Homestudio
Friday, October 7, 2016
Alok Duggal, Founder & COO, Homestudio
Headquartered in Bengaluru, this Omni-channel platform proffers home solutions in the furniture category that are aligned to new Indian urban lifestyle. The unique products of the entity inspire people to create homes that are in sync with global aspirations.

The definition of the urban Indian in the last few years has undergone a lot of change. Funnily or sadly depending on one’s sense of humour, the Wikipedia definition goes something like this - Urban Indians are Native Americans in the United States who live in urban areas. Urban Indians represent a growing proportion of the Native population in the United States.

Wikipedia aside, all international and domestic brands at least, vouch for the existence of urban Indians. They are the well-travelled, well educated, working professionals with a strong sense of style and aesthetics. They are also the ones changing jobs, moving cities and exploring better opportunities and demanding the comfort of a hassle free house set up with all amenities and minimum interference from them.

Modular furniture then seems like the answer to all this, with the offering and promise of an:
a) End to end home solution
b) low maintenance and hassle free set up
c) International brands and latest design trends from across the globe

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