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Realigning Business Strategies

ST Team
Monday, January 2, 2012
ST Team
Earlier last year, when The Attachmate Group acquired Novell for $2.2 billion; it was an end of an era. Since the early 90s, Novell was one of the original key players in the network operating system and identity management. The company had a significant grip and continued influence on many vendors, ranging from the identity and access management to the Linux market, from email to virtualization, and security. In most of these cases the company made a good show of technology and was quick to improve upon it and in some cases to outpace its competitors both in terms of vision and architecture. In an exclusive with The SmartTechie, Narayan Menon, Lead - Strategy & Marketing Novell India/South Asia talks about the impact of acquisition and company’s strategy and market positioning in India hereon.

The strategy behind Novell's acquisition

The Attachmate Group acquisition of Novell provides a unique opportunity to further deliver significant value to customers and partners worldwide through innovative solutions, quality products, and exceptional service.

Bringing these well-recognized, global brands together under The Attachmate Group umbrella significantly improves our ability to deliver value to customers on a global scale. We are now a $1 billion+ software organization. At this scale, we will be able to bring to bear richer solutions, more talent and expertise, a larger product portfolio, and an expanded field presence to customers and partners worldwide.

The addition of Novell and SUSE to The Attachmate Group furthers the organization’s mission and ability to deliver solutions that are strategically aligned to our customers’ needs. Novell enjoys a long history of innovation, product quality, and commitment to customer success, which is wholly consistent with the Group’s values and beliefs.

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