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Qentelli: The Disruption Software Engineering Needed!

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, June 30, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
Over the years Cars developed features like auto-park, cruise control and collision detection, it was Tesla that revolutionized the automobile industry by ameliorating these features with Artificial Intelligence to make Autopilot cars a reality! Qentelli, a Continuous Delivery Company, brings such thinking to the software engineering world through Orchestrated Engineering, thrives on Innovation and brings next gen solutions such as Automated Problem Solving to the application engineering lifecycle. The disruptive thought process of this Dallas headquartered company provides among several other offerings, AI solutions with machine and self-learning algorithms that find a problem, tell your teams there is one, fix it and tell what it was with a detailed analysis, so you can avoid it in the future.

Continuous Delivery through Quality Engineering & DevOps

Rewinding a little, let us see why automation is such a boon for the software industry. Traditionally, software applications were built by teams working for a month on design, a few months in development and a few weeks in testing. But, the downside is that they often have to start over after enduring all this hassle, in cases where the end product was entirely different than what the client had in mind. Then came along the Agile or Iterative development process! It eliminated the last minute surprises and made things easier with monthly or quarterly releases. But in today's fast paced world, such release cycles are frowned upon astoo long. Though DevOps came around with the intention of unifying various teams and eliminating wait times in the application lifecycle, it ended up being a team or toolset that came too late in the game. But to have the ability to release at the pace that your business and customers demand, it is imperative to be able to Continuously Deliver. Coming as a rescuer, Qentelli pioneered point solutions and services that enable Continuous Delivery through a combination of Quality Engineering, Quality Intelligence and DevOps.

Improving the Quality Standards

The company delivers Quality Engineering, Quality Intelligence and Quality Assurance services that span the entire Application Lifecycle. With traditional testing, people are blindsided devoid of information such as how much coverage do they have and how much testing they have completed. Qentelli brings forth a business process driven approach, whereby it breaks down features & functionalities and groups them as business processes. This permits the company to provide more coverage and improve the quality of code, testing and functionality; pretty much the overall quality of the application. "We provide Orchestration Engines that enable teams to have more control, visual traceability and AI for automated problem solving," remarks Sanjay Jupudi, Founder & President, Qentelli. Executing performance engineering (not just performance testing), the company dives deep to identify the root cause and eradicates the same along with development teams. "With an engineering mind set, we help companies with capacity planning, scalability planning and also overall performance improvement," adds Sanjay.

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