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July - 2006 - issue > Entrepreneur

Proselytizer of the Phonetop

Aritra Bhattacharya
Monday, July 2, 2007
Aritra Bhattacharya
Ramneek Bhasin took a rather cognitive view of his children’s behavior. 21 and 14, his daughter and son are part of the ‘upwardly mobile’ generation; characterized by fast lives, fast cars, on the move relationships and sudden socializing sprees.

In their peer-to-peer interactions, in their sudden doling out of mass messages to their geometry class groups, maybe soccer groups, could well be hang-out-at-the-bar groups, Bhasin sourced the foundation of his latest entrepreneurial venture—Mobio, a company that makes dynamic mobile applications and widgets that work together and are based on mash ups of web services.

“The question that excited me was how I could make access to information easy to the young adult,” he says. Perused by that thought, he incorporated Mobio in June 2005. For someone whose earlier ventures had been in the IT services and networking space previously, this was virgin territory.

“Not quite,” says Bhasin, half-defendant, “If you look at my previous entrepreneurial ventures, all had a significant wireless component…but yes, this time, it has been far more customer facing.” And in being customer-facing, what better market to tap into than the youth and young adult segment; together they form the ‘highest growth demographic’, containing within its folds immense business potential.

Customization at palm’s reach
As opposed to the desktop (on the computer), Bhasin’s Mobio aspires to equip users towards mastering customization of the ‘phonetop’. “The user must have the ability to define what he wants on his phone, and how much of it,” says Bhasin with conviction. He cites an imaginative situation to elucidate his idea of unlocking the value of information to the user:

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