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April - 2015 - issue > Top 10 Most Promising Social Media Marketing companies

PracticeNext: Staying Ahead of the Curve by Applying Digital Intelligence

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
It is absolutely crucial for a brand's senior management personnel to be aware of the fact that any marketing activity is about creating awareness and generating engagement with target audience. Due to lack of knowledge about digital media's true potential, most of them settle for certain number of posts and measure likes, which doesn't warrant any return. Instead, organizations must track crucial metrics akin to how many consumers has the post reached to, how many consumers have interacted with it and how much of consumer's conversation has been generated through the digital agency's intervention.Backed by robust engineering team that understands the ins and outs of social media, PracticeNext, a full service digital intelligence agency, magnifies the average one percent engagement level in Facebook to a flabbergasting 30-40 percent and 100 percent reach to an eye-popping 200 percent. The company stays ahead of the curve by exploring and applying the areas that other players are not even aware of; thus justifying the name PracticeNext, which stands for equipped with next best practice.

Heedfully handpicked mostly from IIT-Mumbai, the team applies shrewdly formulated social algorithm to collect data, which is implemented to design communication for clients, rather than crossing fingers and just following gut feeling.Hence, the content's quality is not just at par with leading agencies, but is far superior by being relevant enough to creating meaningful engagements. Grasping the engineering puzzle in digital, PracticeNext exploits numerous digital marketing softwares that are available as cloud service to deliver better results. The company enables brands to make transformations in business strategy and operations to attain power growth. Aside from aiding customers to target markets with right social media tools and RoI-focused campaigns, PracticeNext also builds brand websites, web & mobile apps and digital platforms that optimize digital presence. "Smart companies use smart technologies. That is what differentiates brand A from brand B," explains Tarun Mitra, Founder & CEO, PracticeNext Digital.

PracticeNext was founded in early 2014 by Tarun when he realized that there is a lack of knowledge amidst clients as well as agencies about the technology part of digital marketing that can certainly make a huge difference. Bridging this gap by sheding utmost focus on engineering endowed the company with numerous quality-conscious customers very soon. "Most of our customers have come through reference rather than active marketing," says a proud Tarun.

Innovatively Driven Limit Free Culture

PracticeNext instantaneously attempts to adopt upcoming trends, technology and thought processes. This strong desire to stay at cutting-edge motivates its people. PracticeNext shuns maintaining attendance registers and leave records, since its people are judged only by the smile of satisfaction they put on client's face by deriving best results. "Our office is open 24/7. People are free to come and work whenever they want," says Tarun. Obviously, this innovatively driven limit-free culture is extremely open and flat.

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