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PlumSlice Labs: Refurbishing Digital Commerce Industry with Holistic Cloud Suite

Kavitha G.
Monday, September 28, 2015
Kavitha G.
Are there any collaborative workflow-based repositories to address the need of humungous product data? If so, which is the effective platform to manage product content workflow for the globally spread teams? How can we make critical decisions faster? Is there an innovation to shield us from being succumbed to chagrin of late in-house product launches? These are few of the everyday questions that shuttle through each retailer's mind. Yes. With the increasing digital infusion, retail businesses are scaling up to new heights, escalating to the role of information-driven enterprises. The huge ocean of data, which had been considered ungaugeable by the traditional e-Commerce system, has now carved path to an upsurge in the number of solutions providers who are instrumental in addressing this concern. But on the other hand, the extensive use of manual processes and tools are in turn leading to inconsistent data, unchecked errors and manual oversight to manage the growth that are hindering the integrity of the data.
Today, retailers of all sizes hunt for those solution enablers who untangle the aforementioned Gordian knots not only proactively, but also holistically and in an omni-channel retail environment. Donning the cap of such perfect exemplary is a U.S.-based company PlumSlice Labs which provides all the solutions in a single cloud-based collaborative suite. Born with a mission to provide highly collaborative and innovative SaaS solutions to the Digital Commerce ecosystem, this two year old startup already holds the envious distinction of providing the bliss of the technologies like Cloud collaboration and Mobile & Big Data Analytics through its suite of web and mobile.
Into the Flagship Offerings
In the world of seasonal sale bonanzas, it becomes critical for retailers to be abreast with the new wave of trends that are going to set storm in the industry. Effectively helping them to aid the criticality is PlumSlice SELECT. After a deep scrutiny of reaped-in data from multiple tradeshows, vendor displays, suppliersand internal teams, the platform helps users to decide upon the revolutionary products that they have to add next to their product line.This represents just a single product of the enterprise application suite, which has seven more such products on its platter, many of which are being implemented with several companies in U.S. as well as in high e-Commerce growth markets internationally.
Embracing best standardized practices and powerful dashboard tools that eliminate redundant spreadsheets and manual processes, the products enable enhanced workflow, efficient data management solutions and a better product management workflow at all of its stages. Explaining about the same, Abnesh Raina, the Founder & CEO, says, Our cloud-based enterprise SaaS solutions streamline workflows and enable collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, but are also lightweight to implement from a cost and timeline perspective. In addition, our modular suite of products also enables our customers to scale the use of PlumSlice per their requirements.
Rising Unscathed
Though PlumSlice is now marching towards the paramount of success, its initially journey was fraught with the technical and functional hindrances which had set out to crush down its viable technology contributions in digital commerce space. Successfully combating those, the organization credits the feat to the towering strength of the management team who hail from eminent names like Gap, IBM, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma and Neiman Marcus. With such underlying force, the company is buoyantly heading towards its next genre of challenges of growing its team with the right talent.
The bootstrapped startup currently has around 100 full-time and few part-time associates, every of whom is not only considered partners, but also owns a stock in the company. The opportunity to travel around the globe and directly work with marquee clients and multiple technological revolutions triggers the productivity, thus growth of the associates. Every associate's need to master the technologies is nurtured here, while the cross-training sessions vouch for that.Since we are a technology product/solutions company, those who add the most value and growth will be the one who tenure with us, learn our product set and technology behind it to be able to add value to our customers. The result? The type and size of customers we have been able to sign up in a short timeframe has been amazing, adds Abnesh.
Mapping the Future
Clean, consistent data and data governance are the need of the hour. Proactively filling those voids, PlumSlice labs is currently working towards aggrandizing its existing mobile apps, while also expanding its customer base one step closer to gaining more credibility in the marketplace. Easing complex analytics and creating linkages between different data sets, the company focuses firmly on helping its customers adapt to the rapidly changing retail space.

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