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July - 2011 - issue > 25 Most Promising Emerging Tech Companies

Permeative Technologies: Making Lives Better

ST Team
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
ST Team
Making people’s life better was the idea Basavaraj B Pujar had when he started Permeative Technologies, a Smart Phone and Tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone 7) applications and games development company, back in 2008. After three years, they still stand true to this motto. The company had its primary focus on iPhone apps and later moved on to other platforms and has created more than 400 apps till now. This includes the highly successful Time-Shift Radio, a paid app which has seen 600,000+ downloads. After huge success in iPhone/iPad, we are expanding to Windows Phone 7. As a initiative towards Window phone 7, we are already a Microsoft Bizspark member and have presence in Windows market place as well.

The company develops a wide range of apps covering enterprise, business, gaming, music, navigation and healthcare segments. Some of the successful apps by Permeative include India Radio, Draw Floor Plan, Draw Flow Chart, Draw Smart, City Essentials, School of Maths, Diary Pro+ etc.… under Permeative banner. Beyond these it also works on B2B model, and have market analysts who guide its clients through their process of ideating on possible iPhone app development and marketing opportunities. Its services cover the complete project life cycle, from the requirements definition to testing and implementation. Also it readily provides the ongoing support and maintenance necessary to ensure that its clients remain satisfied with its services well after the product is up and running.

The company gives high priority to quality and design of their products and understands that this will keep their customers happy and satisfied. It invests a good amount of time in design, flow and functionality as well as extensive beta testing to make sure that the application performs as good as it looks, and ensures that the code is fully optimized before final submission to the client. “Our primary focus is on our Customers satisfaction and what we can do to make their lives better. We would never provide them with a product or solution that we are not a 100 percent positive about. This is our biggest strength and differentiating point,” says Basavaraj B Pujar, CEO, Permeative Technologies. For app development companies in today’s highly volatile apps world, it is imperative to stay ahead of contemporaries to survive. The company considers all the smartphone app development companies around the world as rivals. To stay ahead it has a unique formula, ‘innovate on a daily basis’.

Even after all the innovation and client focus Permeative finds time to make sure that its employees stays happy. It knows that this will help to provide space to individuals and pursue their passions within and outside the organization. “No one works within narrowly defined or rigid boundaries in the company; all staff is encouraged to broaden their understanding of all aspects of the problem, i.e. the technical and user sides, while remaining engaged in the areas of their interest and expertise. This way every professional develops a broader vision and acquires attitudes to perform as a more responsible and committed team member, one who is sensitive to each other’s roles but who is not shy of making suggestions or constructive criticism,” says Basavaraj Pujar.

Basavaraj foresees a very bright future with his company high up the ladder of top app developers in the world and has set a target of 2000 apps for his company by end of 2012. The 40 people strong company is looking forward to touch the 100 employees mark soon.

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