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Paving their Own Road to Success

Anamika Sahu
Friday, November 2, 2012
Anamika Sahu
It used to be if you had the best technology, you were successful. But today, everyone’s got the best technology. Today, success goes to the company that uses that technology the best. The distinction is subtle but crucial. The same can be said for the companies building and deploying the technology – IT services providers. They all pull from the same technology resources available in the marketplace, and they all recruit from the same global talent pool.
But they do not all compete on equal ground.
That’s because a company like UST Global has taken the proverbial “road less traveled” and structured its entire organization in a different way.

As UST Global CEO Sajan Pillai explains, “Taking the familiar, well-traveled path may seem easy. But it leads to a familiar, well-traveled destination. Today, thanks to globalization, that familiar destination is no longer where companies want to go. So at UST Global we have set out to pave our own road to success.”
That road includes a different approach to innovation, to hiring, to locating its offices, to educating its workforce, and to delivering the next technologies that will propel its clients forward.

True Globalization

UST Global is an end-to-end IT Services and Solutions provider serving more than 50 Fortune 500 companies in retail, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, media and entertainment. The company provides IT consulting, managed services, BPO, and application development and management.

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