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Pangea Global: Growing Client's Business with Sheer Focus on Quality

si Team
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
si Team
As IoT infiltrates more and more consumer products and retail spaces, 'Nice to have' customer satisfaction tracking studies and syndicated research programs sold by third-party providers are being replaced by bespoke, action-oriented Market Research (MR) initiatives. However, the real winners are those MR firms who can rise and sell sustainable research solutions that are actually fit for purpose. One such winner is Pangea Global Services, a one of its kind MR & monitoring consultancy and advisory firm. While the company can handle a complete gamut of services and do a complete overhaul as well, it is flexible and comfortable in working with clients at all levels. Keeping quality at peak, Pangea's quality team austerely rejects the deliverables, if there's any fault in them.

"We focus first on quality vis-a-vis quantity and the result is clearly evident with the growth of our clients' businesses in 90 percent of the projects undertaken by us. We've optimized B2B lead generation and has seen business growth both in our as well as our client's business spectrum, as we work spontaneously on feedback and work's charged only on cost per lead basis,- revealing the secret sauce is Prashant Pednekar, CEO & Director, Pangea Global Services, who keeps in touch with every client through a biweekly call to ensure client satisfaction.

Fathered Pangea in 2012 when MR was at its nascence, Prashant was entertained by very few clients, not to mention the general startup hardships such as investing in the right talents and technologies. Being a multiple award-winning go-getter, Prashant naturally took it as a challenge and introduced a pricing model, where clients only have to pay if they're happy. This along with their distinct value proposition of going one step ahead to what clients want has glued them to the Pangea brand and enhanced it into a 120 agents strong entity with offices in Pune, Bombay, Uganda and UK.

Leveraging Technology

Though the company offers data analytics, lead generation and BPO & KPO services, it built its forte in Market Research, which is further classified into Audience Research, Product Research, Lead Generation Research, Email Marketing, Content Syndication, Brand Analysis, Scanner Research, Database Research and Post Sale Research. Being one of the handful of MR companies that have invested in technology, it performs online & offline MR methodologies utilizing various tools to understand the pulse of the consumer and endows clients with the transparency to observe daily metrics such as number of calls taken and agents working on their behalf. The company ensures authenticity & transparency in its surveys by drafting questions that are short, crisp, non-ambiguous and close-ended. It further humanizes the survey so that it can actually interest the consumers' short attention span.

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