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August - 2012 - issue > Cover Story

Optimal Solutions: Positioned for Growth

Christo Jacob
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Christo Jacob
Despite economic turbulence and tightening client budgets, Optimal Solutions became the largest exclusively SAP consulting firm in North America, a position established over the company’s 17-year focus providing SAP solutions and services to corporations and government organizations of all sizes.

Gurvendra Suri, founder and CEO of Optimal Solutions, is pleased with Optimal’s strong growth, but he believes Optimal is just now hitting its stride and that his company will grow an additional fourfold over the next 3–5 years.

A Heritage of SAP Success

CEO Gurvendra Suri, or simply ‘Suri’ as he prefers to be called, founded Optimal in 1995 at a time when large-scale SAP systems were in full swing among companies with expansive global operations.

Suri saw first-hand companies taking high-risk gambles with hugely expensive and complex SAP systems, and he knew there was a genuine need for consultants with the experience and know-how to bring these projects to fruition. He carefully assembled a team of SAP experts with a deep understanding of enterprise technology architecture and global business process design, and Optimal Solutions Integration, Inc. (“Optimal”) was born.

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