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Online Resource Corporation (ORCC) sets up India Operations

Vishwas Nair
Monday, January 2, 2012
Vishwas Nair
ORCC (Online Resource Corporation), a provider of financial services have announced their India operations with the inauguration of their technology solutions center at Bangalore. ORCC will be utilizing their Bangalore center to further develop their products and services using home grown talent available in India. The inauguration of ORCC’s new center in Bangalore signifies the company’s increased focus on extending its reach globally and its focus on India as a centre of importance.

ORCC’s Banking Services delivers great consumer experience through its integrated banking and bill payment services extending to both the retail and business sectors. ORCC’s ecommerce Services include, electronic bill presentation which enables the customer to manage their finances with online account information and management tools, electronic payment for leveraging a full suite of integrated payments products that we configure and control to manage the customer experience throughout the electronic billing and payment lifecycle. Web Based Collection, with the Virtual Collection Agent. This offers customers a tool to self-cure in a preferred, no confrontational environment.

"It is a significant milestone for ORCC, as a part of our global strategy we are focusing on expanding our business globally and I am happy that India is our first technology solutions centre outside of U.S. This development and solution centre in India will help us again a foothold in the Asian market. The Indian Operation will support our existing businesses and also give great opportunities to expand our business into new avenue," said Joseph L Cowan, President and CEO, ORCC.

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