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January - 2000 - issue > Cover Feature

No Strings Attached

Saturday, January 1, 2000

Peering into the crystal ball reveals that wireless technology will someday allow people to instantaneously interact with a global network in real time for customized business and personal information and communications.

That’s a far cry from the days of pager messages limited in length, cellphones limited to audio transmission, devices working independently of each other and the Internet accessible only from a desktop computer.

In time, super-wideband networks will provide the data rates to access the full range of Internet offerings. Service bureaus will deliver a constant supply of information personalized to suit each subscriber. Sophisticated wireless devices with next-generation technology in the coming years will provide email, voice messaging, video, access to corporate databases and synchronization with other wired and wireless devices. In addition, Bluetooth technology will connect an individual’s various mobile devices and desktop computers will get connected to easily share information such as voice messages, emails, corporate data and Web browsing results. .

Imagine this: Anyone standing on a corner in Finland can view a financial statement on a handheld device while discussing fiscal prudence by speakerphone with the company president, who is viewing the same document at the same time from the home office in Nebraska.

The technology needed to transmit wireless data will fuel these and many other advances in the wireless market. Voice and email messaging laid the groundwork for this gradual but definite shift to prioritize content over personal messaging capabilities. New protocols, standards, Web-to-wireless technologies and advanced networks have given us a gateway to the future.

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