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Nishith Desai Associates: Unique Research-based Firm Proffering Highest Possible Value in Shortest Possible Time

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Law is a complex field, where every new technology, financial instrument, business model or development in politics/society brings upon a new legal, regulatory or tax problem; thereby requiring dynamic and rapid processes. However, processes are decelerated by the traditional model, where the more time law firms spent and the more people they put on job, the more they were rewarded.Having the culture of innovation on product and process at the core, Nishith Desai Associates (NDA), a research-based international law-firm, created a paradigm shift in the legal world by delivering highest value in shortest possible time with fewer people.

The constructively contrarian firm glimmers at the top as'North Star' and a benchmark? firm for its research, innovations, creativity and service delivery by leveraging technology. Mumbai-based NDA is the only India-centric global law-firm licensed to practice Indian law and work with law-firms and in-house legal counsels in California, Singapore and Munich. Hence, NDA is the first port of call for people seeking to in stigate business in India and to Indians who wish to spread out globally.

After meticulously studying management styles of top global law-firms, Nishith Desai founded NDA in 1989. He nurtured the company to be the role model and dream firm that is being invited by professional firms and organizations to learn creativity, harnessing technologies to augment service experience, developing new legal theories and jurisprudence, and in transforming the world for better. NDA'squest for innovation has been rewarded with coveted Financial Times Award recently and recognized as topper in Client Satisfaction survey by RSG Consulting consistently along with 38 other awards. International publishing house John Wiley has also honoured the company by publishing a case study on NDA's organizational excellence.


Unlike other firms that learn at the cost of client's time, NDA leverages its professional firm management model to systematically anticipate future trends and critical areas and is constantly prepared for very complex and new legal & regulatory issues. NDA undertakes research by meeting industry players, academics, professionals and regulators to develop deep insight into new developments; thus delivering services at almost the speed of thought. The firm not only invests 40 percent of time in research and academics, but also acts as internal venture capitalists investing huge amount of monies.

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