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NetScaler Founder Michel Susai's NeoAccel

Robin Joseph Mathews
Thursday, March 4, 2010
Robin Joseph Mathews
For the man who invented the fundamental Internet acceleration technology that more than 75 percent of users traverse each day, competing and winning against the Silicon Valley’s giants is a way of life.

Michel Susai, the founder and former Chairman and CEO of NetScaler, has taken a bold new step. With his new company NeoAccel, he’s once again challenging the giants such as Juniper Networks and F5 Networks. He wants his company, NeoAccel to be “the next Check Point.”

Susai has focused NeoAccel on the rapidly emerging market for SSL VPNs - network systems that enable a browser-equipped PC to securely access enterprise applications. With a high-performance system architecture under the hood, NeoAccel’s SSL VPN-Plus promises to be the first SSL VPN to reliably deliver the site-to-site access functionality of conventional IPSec VPNs.

Traditional SSL VPN secure access products have been known to drop sessions and cause an inconsistent user experience. NeoAccel’s solution promises to eliminate the inconsistent user experience associated with other vendors’ SSL VPNs. The technology establishes a single TCP connection from a client to a gateway, and it works to eliminate the TCP-over-TCP meltdown and context-switching problems that historically hinder performance and scalability of convention SSL VPNs.

“Our technology enables users to almost completely eliminate the adverse impact of packet loss of any kind,” says Susai. He adds, “Our SSL VPN Plus is also optimized for wireless environments.”

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