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Nastrac Group: Clients' Brand Ambassador with Talent Sourcing Capabilities

Rashmisree Deb
Monday, June 15, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Nina Alag Suri, Founder & CEO of Nastrac Group, does not believe in doing different things, rather believes in doing things differently. In early 1997, Nina � a semi-geek at heart � realized that she was not satisfied with just following a job profile and decided that she had enough of being cogs in the wheels of large organizations. The quest for a free-thinking and autonomous environment where the thought process of every individual is liberated drove Nina to leave her cozy job and start her own venture Nastrac in late 1997 from her garage with just $1000 savings. With an investment of $900 on a computer and $100 on a mobile, Nina started her venture with courage, passion, commitment and zest to make it big. Unlike other tech giants who started their journey from a garage and took some time to taste success, Nastrac within two years of its operation, cornered the market and embraced Europe (1999 Finland and 2000 UK) as its next destination to offer its services. The success saga of Nastrac does not end here. The growing popularity has given the company a much needed push to shift its headquartered to Singapore. Today, the global organization provides its best-of-breed strategic hiring and consulting services from Asia to Europe, North America, Middle East and APAC.

Born with a hunger to implement every automation tool available in the market, the organization works closely with its clients to find the best talent for the job through its wide network and world-class hiring processes. The company's forte lies in providing unparallel business solutions within Hi-Tech and Banking & Financial services industries. Machine-to-machine learning, use of Big Data & Analytics to analyse, enhance outputs and Cloud for better collaboration & workflow are amongst the few of the latest inclusions in Nastrac's approach.

Nastrac's Pillars of Strength

The success mystery of Nastrac � a multi-award winning organization � is unveiled. Well established boutique mind-set to maintain personal touch with its clients, fanatical about quality to retain loyal customers, word of mouth, good referrals, strong global footprints and automation are the pillars of strength that made Nastrac a horse of a different color. "Starting with the CEO, all key management are professionals & practitioners with deep industry experience who offer best-in-class service to the clients. Cross leveraging business referrals across geographies is one of the key winners for our organization helping us gain tremendous market footprint throughout the globe with relatively low costs and barely any investments in advertising or other marketing campaigns," affirms Nina.

Time-to-hire and quality of hires remains the top most priorities for all clients. Additionally, operating a sophisticated process also involves the risk of getting their fingers burned resulting in losing a good resource along with putting the company's reputation in jeopardy. But, Nastrac with its seasoned veterans delve deep into these problems and understand the subtleties and crop up with unique solutions that makes things work better for its clients. Putting latest technologies into practice also help Nastrac to be more accurate and precise in hiring process which results in delivering best talents.

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