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NFX Digital: Removing the Ambiguity behind Advertising with Analytics

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
With India's constant economic growth and the influx of MNCs, the growth of Indian advertising market is on steroids. Brands are willing to spend Rs.3,50,000 for displaying their ad on TV for ten seconds. But, the million dollar question is: Is that advertisement strong enough to enthral the consumer? The answer is an ambiguous 'sometimes'! Because, most of the time, brands fail to get adequate bang for the buck because they rely on their gut feeling while conceptualizing their advertisements, instead of testing their concept with consumers before releasing the ad, since advertising research costs ample time and money. NFX Digital nullifies the ambiguity behind advertising by providing solid insights to advertisers, marketers & brands through its gamified consumer insights portal - Adytude.com.

Adytude's fun-filled front-end collects a database of consumers' opinion on a certain ad by letting them play with the ad and by asking a bunch of customized questions based on it, which would evaluate the ad's strength in the most efficient, quickest yet most cost-effective way than any other options in the market. Unlike other cumbersome market researches, this self-administered online research engine utilizes video as a trigger to obtain answers; hence the reactions are unprompted, and relevant. Once their feedback is submitted, consumers immediately earn AdCash that can be redeemed for merchandise in NFX's rewards gallery. Meanwhile, Adytude's advanced analytics engine in the backend leverages database & emotional algorithms to gauge the communication effectiveness of the ad and sends the results to its clients in a miniscule time of seven days.

Handholding Organizations through Marketing Wilderness

Powered by Adytude, NFX has created diverse customized solutions including pre-testing, idea evaluation and validation, concept testing and purchase pattern analysis, post production and pre-media boost among others across domains such as FMCG, e-Commerce, Entertainment, and Financial Services to name a few. "Organizations, especially growing startups have ample ideas (features to incorporate or locations to expand to), but are lost without proper guidance that would back their ideas. We not only give our clients intelligence, but also help them to act on it and handhold them as long as they need us. We are bridging the gap between consumes and brands by giving them the fastest and the most efficient way to talk to consumers," explains Vir Kullar, Co-Founder, NFX Digital.

Cruising Through the Challenges

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