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MyAds: Creating a Win-Win Situation for Mobile Advertisers & Customers

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
Mobile advertising was spreading like weeds until people got exasperated to see pop-up ads each time they unlocked their mobile screen. Recent studies claim that around 70 percent people dislike mobile ads while 83 percent of people would like the option to block ads on mobile, putting fear of God into publishers and advertisers across the world. But breaking this math is a newly formed mobile advertising company MyAds that is creating a win-win situation for both the sides of the coin. Born out of sheer frustration over existing advertisement solutions and their outcomes, the company attempts to get cent percent view rate for advertisement & user attentions, and help advertisers get improved RoI along with commensurate measurements into their spends with complete transparency in advertising spends and views.

The Birth of MyAds

"It was our observation that users tend to ignore in-app ads as these ads may interrupt them. 99 percent of the users hate ads. And we are attempting to change this trend," asserts Suraj Supekar, CEO of MyAds India and VP Tech of MyAds Global FZ LLC, Dubai. Walking its tagline 'Get Paid On Incoming Calls', this year-old start-up went through multiple iterations and prototypes to arrive at a solution that it has today. "When we initially brainstormed the idea, it was a challenge to develop the primary prototypes and test feasibility. The next challenge was to get accepted from users to view advertisements, and to provide a 100 percent targeted advertisement platform," expounds Suraj. As the co-founders of the company, Simeon Ononobi and his wife Madonna are from Nigeria, it was chosen as the battle ground to test bed for MyAds app with two major telecom operators MTN and Airtel. Today the company successfully runs a development centre in India, with marketing offices in Dubai and Lagos.

Offering Myriad Benefits

All major brands that believes mobile to be the killer advertisement medium faces three major hurdles: lack of attribution transparency, users/consumers don't convert on mobile and lack of analytics tools. MyAds platform is transparent (advertisers can see real-time performance of their campaigns), and unique (provides guaranteed view of advertisement based on different demographics like age, sex, education, income, marital status, occupation, religion, birth rate and others). Even the advertisers can target users within small area of one kilometre radius, with additional facilities to add multi-location, operator specific targeting abilities.

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