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October - 2007 - issue > Movers and Shakers

Moving up the ladder

Vimali Swamy
Monday, October 1, 2007
Vimali Swamy
A postgraduate in system electronics and communication systems, Vadeesh Budramane has over fifteen years of experience in software services industry. After working at CG Smith, NAL, and Wipro where he worked for seven years, he joined FCG four years back. In a short span at FCG, Budramane has quickly moved up to the position of Managing Director after serving as the COO and VP Technology.

He attributes this success to his mantra of hard work, flexibility, agility, and the strength to face challenges. Though people find him as an introvert, he is people friendly and a good leader who believes in investing in people and keeping his door open to all. Though he does not regret any part of his career, one thing he would like to change is the choice of pursuing a career over the dream of attaining a PhD.

The stepping-stone of his career was his term at Wipro, where he rebuilt his team and grasped the market share they had lost in the telecom vertical during the downturn of IT in 2001. His advice to young professionals is to develop in-depth knowledge in the domain in which they work along with cross domain skills, which will give them the flexibility to work across various platforms and help them keep going in the long haul.

With new achievements in his way, he does not have much time to pursue his hobbies, but if given a chance he would love to spend time reading management books, watching TV and playing chess. Currently, his dream is to pursue a management degree.
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