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July - 2013 - issue > Most Promising HR Software&Solutions provider

Most Promising HR Software&Solutions Provider

SI Team
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
SI Team
The demand of human resources is on a hockey stick growth and the new war of talent is on. However, it is quite challenging for the global organizations to find the perfect resource partners, attract niche talent, and improve candidate experience, payroll management and other HR initiatives within the organization. Understanding the need, these companies are allocating budgets to get the best HR Software and Solution to overcome these challenges. In past few years, the old sleepy HR system market has turned towards technology to provide the best support and the solution providers have geared up to provide the finest armor to win this war of talent.

To salute this innovation, siliconindia has come up with “5 Most Promising HR Software & Solution Providers” whose software, products and services play a crucial role in helping the companies to overcome HR challenges. These solutions help organizations to better collaborate with, and expectation setting between HRs and hiring managers, and recruiting the best talent to drive innovation within the business. Our effort is to make the best meet the best.

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