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Moksha Media: Channelize Your Branding Needs through Integrated Branding Solutions

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Online branding has become a crucial component of the business process that cannot be turned a blind eye. It is not about visual delight; it is in fact a core strategic process of creating appealing market position. Every brand requires a strategy that should reflect effectively in its identity and communications. With the world embracing 'Digital Media' at a rapid pace, it is expected that around 50 percent of the total media expenditure is going to eye on it. Therefore, it is high time for the brands to 'Go Digital'. Large enterprises cannot overlook the need for clear brand plan thus are associated with large branding agencies. However, the startups and SMEs too require branding, but perceived to be an expensive engagement,they do not opt for it. As these enterprises do not want to stay at the back foot, they are on the lookout for a branding partner who can guide them with a clear brand direction. This is where Moksha Media breaks in with its 'Networked 360 degree Branding Solutions'. This solution includes the best of both worlds - full time branding agency & experienced individual firms, cost saving, no annual retainer fee, timely delivery, no burden of identification of vendors & overlooking the execution and more.

Incorporated in 2002, Moksha Media is a leading provider of online branding especially online healthcare branding.The company is a specialist in three area of service - 'Brand Strategy', 'Brand Identity' and 'Brand Communication'.With Hyderabad as its Indian office, Moksha Media specializes in providing clear direction for companies when they want to go online and also help them to strategize themselves in the online world. "We aim to help organization grow in the digital space.Over the years, we have worked with many partners from different domains in Media. We have worked with the best hospitals and companies in the country bringing value, worth and visibility to their brand," asserts AnuVeledandi P, Owner, Moksha Media.

While most agencies share a vendor-client relationship with their customers, Moksha Media's unique approach set them apart from the rest. The company believes in creating beneficial partnerships aimed not just at promoting the client's brand but walking the path to success with them. This has enabled them to forge lasting relationships with their clients. "We have identified some very good firms in each domain and have partnered with them to provide 360� branding solutions. We have marked specialization in outdoors, video production, TVCs, event management, press relations and more," adds Anu. On digital space, Moksha Media has worked with some renowned hospitals like KIMS, Global, CARE, Omega, Apollo and many more. Apart from hospitals, the company has also worked with healthcare NGOs like Biogenesis and others.

Moksha Media's adaptive culture aligned to their business goals enables them to routinely outperform their competitors. The company believes that empowered employees are the happiest employees therefore it allows employees to work online from anywhere which helped Moksha Media get outcomes that are more creative. "Our clients often applaud our ability to tie together the varied disparate functions of branding. This we achieve by ensuring that our in-house team collaborates with the best and most creative minds in the business, allowing us to make their expertise work for you. We are known to under promise and over deliver, bringing something innovative to every project we undertake," she adds. In the long run, Moksha Media is not only looking forward to create an empire that focuses on branding as a key component in production & sales of any idea but also make inroads into the rapidly emerging mobile market.

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