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Mobile Applications Bringing in the Change

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
The year 2010 witnessed mobile applications gradually and increasingly changing the way we use our mobile phones. According to some industry forecasts the number of annual mobile application downloads worldwide will grow from 10.9 billion in 2010 to 76.9 billion in 2014. The reports also anticipate mobile application revenues to surpass $35 billion in 2014. Having said that, the extension of mobile applications to every aspect of the personal and professional lives will be one of the key characteristics of today’s youth.

What does the consumer want?
Today, the consumers are no longer looking for a device with just basic communication features, but rather they expect more from their handset in terms of looks and the features that are offered by their devices. They want a solution that keeps them on top of things and the capability to be responsive where ever they are, when they want; devices that help them cater for both their business and personal life equally well, yet keep the two of them separated if needed.

The smartphone category has extended to include those consumers who not just need an email enabled handset, but also those expect more from their handset in terms of looks, features and openness to third party applications. Hence, while smartphones on one hand, epitomize business mobility by enabling higher connectivity and better email solutions, they are also sought after by the youth who are looking for cutting edge solutions and avenues to share their experiences with the world ‘on-the-go,’ as well as the Gen “Y” that is looking for different ways to connect with their friends and peers. From downloading software, to games, entertainment, accessing content across genre, they are looking for new ways to personalize their handsets with utilities and multimedia content that makes their mobile experience richer.

Additionally, with the increased affordability and in turn increased uptake of mobile Internet, mobile-web applications have also matured. The handset has hence come a long way from being just a voice device to become an information, commerce, multimedia tool. In India, the roll-out of 3G spectrum over the coming months, will also redefine the way we experience video, music, movies. 3G would be specifically significant, given the growth in numbers of mobile internet users in India, which stands at 10 percent of the total internet users, and is expected to double in the next four years as per industry reports.

With the upsurge in the sales of the smart and high-end phones, the market for mobile applications will rise exponentially in the coming years.

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