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January - 2010 - issue > Top 25 Most Promising Mobile App Companies

Mobien: Carving a Niche in 'Last Mile' Connectivity

Sikta Samantaray
Monday, January 4, 2010
Sikta Samantaray
Creating new opportunities for companies to interact with their customers, vendors and employees, the wireless technology is gaining a huge momentum. Holding onto a similar note, and striving to carve a niche in the mobile space, two technology entrepreneurs – Ajit Gokhale and Anand Parkhi came up with Mobien Technologies, which offers scalable, reliable and optimum mobile applications to its customers to create a competitive edge to their businesses.

Having been successful to bring in a reliable mobile application platform to bridge the digital divide between the company’s enterprise system and the last mile, the Pune-based Mobien Technologies was founded in 2006 with offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangkok and Singapore. Gokhale believes that compared to all other technologies that address a “last mile connectivity” paradigm in an organization, mobility provides for much cheaper and more reliable option, and yet ensures a very low change management within the organization. Mobien’s flagship mobile application platform, iNotify enables the users to use simple mobile phones to transact with their company’s enterprise system. iNotify is being offered in two core flavours – Enterprise version for the large enterprise customers and iNotify-on-demand, a SAAS offering for the SMB/SME customers. Revenue primarily comes through licenses of the platform being used by the enterprise customers and subscriptions in the SAAS model. Mobien has a multi-pronged business model that is built on the revenues through Operator relationships, Reseller partners, ISV partners and direct sales teams. iNotify is a mobile application platform, which extends any ERP/CRM solution to the last mile in the business realm. “iNotify delivers competitive edge to the organization by adopting its mobile application methodology,” claims Gokhale, Co-Founder and CEO.

Through the iNotify, users can get connected to any ERP/CRM platform be it from any mobile phone and any geography. The company clarifies that the user would not need sophisticated network technologies such as GPRS/EDGE or 3G to mobilise its businesses. The platform enables the organizations to enable their field teams to use simple mobile phones (costing less than 100 $) to transact with their ERP solutions in real time. With an innovative mobile strategy, the company helps the organizations to streamline the business processes, optimise the ERP and reduce latency in the process.

The company claims that the key differentiator for its technology iNotify is the requirement of the available bare minimum infrastructure of GSM network to overcome this biggest hurdle in application success scenario. Its patented sync technology ensures a seamless connectivity for the user with its enterprise system. Unlike many mobile applications, which offer batch mode sync with the ERP, iNotify deploys an “ERP extensibility” plug-ins making it a linearly connected model for the ERP giving an on-demand real time experience for the user on the field. Its SOA based architecture makes it extremely flexible to be rolled out for multiple applications business, consumer or carrier centric.

Playing big in the market with a robust mobile application, iNotify can be deployed in multiple scenarios such as B2B, B2C, C2C or Carrier2Consumer domains and offer vertical solutions for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, BFSI, Engineering, Distribution, Utilities, Energy and Agro industries. “Being agnostic to the mobile platform and the service provider, total cost of ownership for the end customer is among the lowest globally. This enables a quicker and definitive ROI for the customer,” asserts Gokhale. Current version of iNotify offers a seamless integration capability with platforms like SAP, Oracle Apps, RAMCO, BAAN, Dynamics, Siebel and popular SMB tools like Tally and Quick Books.

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