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November - 2011 - issue > 10 Most Promising IMS Companies

Mindlance: Providing Flexible and Affordable RIMS

ST Team
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
ST Team
Businesses today face a considerable challenge to effectively optimize their IT infrastructure and related operations and deliver ever-improving service levels to meet and exceed the expectations of their business-users without compromising on quality and security. More and more companies are turning towards Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) as the answer to this need. IMS is estimated to be a $370 billion business and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4 percent over the next four years. The current IMS spend is expected to be around 12 – 20 percent of the total IT budget of the companies and this percent is expected to increase in the future.

Mindlance in Remote Infrastructure Management System (RIMS) provides a flexible, affordable array of services which help its customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively. The company offers focused solutions in IMS and leverages its IT infrastructure assessment tools and methodologies to customize solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy. The company also has expertise in comprehensive remote infrastructure management, enabling not only in cutting costs, but also in increasing the service levels and expanding the reach.

It offers a spectrum of Infrastructure Management Services that enable its clients to reduce IT overheads and improve their efficiencies while gaining access to a range of skills at a very basic cost. With enriched experience in Industry standard Infrastructure Management tools such as Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Application Monitoring, IP Traffic Metering and Profiling and Service Desk tools, Mindlance ensures real time information on the incidents, alerts and events, and efficient responses and resolution to all events and breakdowns.

“We provide end to end services that operate, maintain and monitor IT infrastructure and cover the entire span of IT Infrastructure right from application management to storage management. Our services help our clients in mitigating risks; optimize their IT infrastructure, gain access to niche skills improve response-times and improve their business efficiencies,” says Kamal Sharma, Group CIO and Business Unit Head IT Infrastructure, Mindlance. The company is well aware of the dilemma of the enterprises and has been providing Remote Infrastructure Management services to organizations with its strong focus on Security, Networks and ITIL compliance. Its unique platform caters to all IT infrastructure needs and transforms the IT infrastructure of customers.

The company believes in nurturing minds and bringing out the best of employees. “Being a U.S. MNC we follow a flat organisation culture and foster a relationship with employees which help them being innovative and coming up with plans and strategies which are beneficial for both the employee and the company,” says Sharma. It conducts a series of employee engagement activities along with a lot of weekend activities, outdoor activities and CSR activities.

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