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April - 2015 - issue > Top 20 Most Promising Digital Media Marketing Companies

Mind & Matter: Integrated Business Centric Services with Profound Brand Building Expertise

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Indian digital marketing industry is philandering and experimenting with most of companies lacking proper trained resources. Majority of them fail tragically as with all services in India, the stress is on delivery and not research. But Mind & Matter Marketing Solutions (M&M) is steadily perched on the surf board to ride the high tide owing to the immense emphasis it lays on exploring and acquiring deep knowledge from the best.Nonetheless,the Kolkata-based company certainly does not underestimate the magnitude of delivering exceptional integrated digital marketing services with a business-centric approach that plays huge role in radically augmenting client's profitability."Our mantra is learn-implement-deliver-repeat," summarizes Surojit Nath, Co-Founder & Director, Mind & Matter Marketing Solutions.

Noting that the company was founded in 2004 as a traditional advertising agency with a partnership firm, the root cause for M&M's globally recognized success lies in its profound knowledge of fundamentals of brand building and communication, which is absolutely crucial for Facebook marketing. Albeit M&M changed its identity in 2009 shedding the spotlight on digital, it still stands by the initial idea of creating a boutique agency that caters to big brands & SMEs through creativity and right media use."Our social media recipe of creativity tossed with technology leaves a subtle recall in target audience's minds," recites Surojit.

Safeguarding Clients with Genuine Solutions

Ambitious to excel at what is best for clients, M&M's young & passionate team develops engaging visuals for niche target group. Strongly believing that fake positive reviews are no match to genuine grievances, the company constantly escalates negative reviews to concerned persons to bring forth real solutions. "We reach out to the aggrieved, listen, try to solve the problem and make an effort to turn the foe into a friend," explains Surojit. Having built its forte in SEO and social media, M&M empowers smaller clients to attain significant rank in Google, while managing brand engagement in social media for big brands.

Surojit and his team got trained by Bruce Clay, one of most respected name in internet marketing. The company appreciates the commitment of its people towards their respective jobs rather than the time spent in office. Hence, responsibilities are shared and accountability is implemented with key persons. There is no boss, just seniors and juniors who try to help each other to deliver the best in the friendly environment.

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