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Managing Expectation to Manage Attrition

ST Team
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
ST Team
Rajini Siddharth, Assistant Manager Recruitment, TES PV Electronic Solutions

At TES PV, we dream with our feet planted on the ground. We don’t promise employees huge incentives to prevent them from leaving the company. The expectation of the company from the employee and vice versa is very clear. Thus the employee can’t leave the organization on frivolous grounds. But we do have our unique set of employee benefits.

We create a specific role for the employee. If a techie is looking for other opportunities in term of career growth, we try to retain him by generating a new role within the organization. We created an opening for a U.S. returnee with experience in embedded systems and hardware, so that we didn’t lose a talented engineer.
We don’t set parameters in creativity, enabling our techies to express their creative side. To avoid the monotony, we don’t hold back engineers from exploring new technologies. The permutation and combination of new ideas keep them motivated, and at times provides enhanced and ‘better than expected’ solutions.

Apart from the normal training programs, we conduct a special one for employees who have communication problems, building overall confidence. Since the organization has a lot of workforce from the rural areas, this orientation boosts their morale, making them feel cared for by the company as individual contributors.

The HR department is divided to address each segment of employees separately, making it easier for the HR to address their personal concerns. Employees who have spent over five years in the company get a personal letter from the CEO with a pair of watches or gift vouchers recognizing their efforts and loyalty. These small gestures assure the employee of his importance.
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