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July - 2010 - issue > People Manager

Making the Most of EMBA Deep Expertise as a Capability

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Friday, July 2, 2010
C Mahalingam (Mali)
In the last issue, we learnt about the missing link why just acquiring an EMBA degree without significant change in capabilities will not help accomplish the desired career change. We recognized that organizations are eager to hire leaders who deliver results and not carried away by the degree certificates. If the reason for pursuing an EMBA is to make a beneficial change in career and grow faster up the hierarchy, the following factors are worth keeping in mind:

* Leadership has to be understood & recognized not just as an art, but more importantly as performing art! Leadership is therefore about delivering results that matter for organizations.

* Most leadership theories and published literature on leadership seem to focus disproportionately on attributes leaders should demonstrate and their styles to suit the situations. In reality, leadership is as much about results as about attributes.

* Attributes are necessary to ensure consistent results. Results relate to growth and revenues, customer delight and loyalty, people delight and engagement and future stability and competitiveness of the organization.

* EMBAs are not automatic ladder to becoming a leader. They ought to deliver a ladder to becoming result-oriented leader. The difference is vast and deep. It demands significant overhaul of what I would like to call as “executable capabilities” on the part of the aspirants

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