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December - 2006 - issue > People Manager

Making Strength Productive & Weakness Irrelevant!

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Friday, December 15, 2006
C Mahalingam (Mali)
In this column, I propose to borrow extensively from Peter Drucker’s seminal work entitled “Effective Executive” and share some perspectives on effective management of people. Many of these thoughts and ideas are shared by other management thinkers and gurus like Marcus Buckingham of Gallup fame as well.

Staffing for success is a significant part of talent management responsibility of every people manager. Common sense dictates that managers’ effectiveness is, but a direct result and synergy of the effectiveness of people they bring on board.

Focus on Strengths
Extraordinary people managers are those that get extra-ordinary results from ordinary people. And they do so by focusing on what strengths their people bring to work. When they proceed to build their teams, their focus is not on minimizing weaknesses but on maximizing strengths. It may sound strange, but smart managers always know that to place a person or staff a team to avoid weakness will end up at best in mediocrity!
In reality, there are no ‘well-rounded’ people, those with just strengths and no weaknesses. Drucker provides a beautiful analogy when he says, “where there are peaks, there are valleys too.” After all, what a man cannot do is merely a limitation.

Focus on Contribution
Effective people managers never ask: “How does he get along with me?” Chemistry, of course, is important. But even more important is contribution. Contribution in an organization comes in three areas, viz.,

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