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MITS: Brings in world class Number Portability services to Telecom space in India

si Team
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
si Team
While the growing availability of 4G networks has greatly attributed to the thriving Indian mobile subscriber base, few companies in India have been able to convert expanding telecom subscriptions into a highly successful business model as effectively as MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (�MITS�). India plays a unique and influential role in the global telecommunications spectrum, with one of the largest smartphone user markets in the world, second only to China. India also has the distinction of having one of the youngest populations in the world. In fact, 50 percent of India�s current population is under 25 years of age. This unique scenario has proven a fertile landscape for MITS leadership to not only establish the organization as a prominent voice in the telecommunications sector, but also as a recognized authority on number portability.

Based in Gurgaon, MITS was awarded license by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications & IT, and the government of India, to implement a mobile number portability service in the southern and eastern regions of India. Subscribers quickly embraced MITS� ability to seamlessly port an existing phone number to a new service provider and soon recognized that number portability provides tremendous benefits, both personally and for businesses. Subsequently, subscribers in one of the world�s largest telecommunication markets were now capable of effortlessly staying in contact with friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Today in India, the thought of not being able to transfer an existing mobile number to a new service provider contract seems almost unimaginable; that widely embraced dependability on an efficient and highly beneficial consumer service was thanks to companies like MITS.

Globally, iconectiv is well recognized for its telecom products and services including numbering, fraud and identity, network and operations management and industry registries. iconectiv's solutions are currently used by more than 1,200 operators, regulators and content providers and are currently used to connect over two billion end users every day. Most recently, iconectiv has positioned itself to offer centralized services that effectively complement government initiatives such as Digital India and Smart Cities.

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