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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Security

MENTIS Software: Just Say ‘NO’ to Data Breaches

SI Team
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
SI Team
A single data breach can have an immediate effect on a company’s market share, stock price and even bring a company down as the clients lose their confidence in the company and withdraw their contracts. One study reports that 32 percent of customers withdrew their business from a firm after it suffered a security breach. MENTIS Software, a 2009 si100 company, is actively helping companies prevent these issues through improved management of their sensitive data. “The MENTIS Sensitive Information Management platform includes an integrated suite of products that help protect and manage sensitive information throughout its life within organizations.” says
Rajesh K. Parthasarathy, Founder and CEO of MENTIS.

Most IT security products on the market are data agnostic and do not have any way to identify specific sets of data that contain sensitive personal or corporate information about employees, customers and partners. In contrast MENTIS takes a data centric approach to Discover, Protect and Manage sensitive information in applications and databases. “MENTIS Sensitive Data Discovery is our key differentiator”, says Parthasarathy.

Discovery enables customers to locate all of the places where sensitive data resides and understand which users and programs access the data. The discovery process is automated so customers stay up-to-date with changes across new versions and customizations. The MENTIS Sensitive Information Management™ platform provides the foundation for all products. Whether the need is data masking, compliance readiness, audit reporting or access monitoring customers can implement quickly and expand based on future needs.

MENTIS announced the release of MENTIS 7 at Oracle OpenWorld. This release provides advancements in the Sensitive Data Discovery™ process and a java-based architecture for broader platform and database support. MENTIS plans to extend their database support of Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase to include DB2, JBASE and MySQL.
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