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LogikAvenue: Leveraging Technology to deliver Excellence

Rachita Sharma
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Rachita Sharma
In today's world of ever increasing competition, organizations are forced to look for new ways to generate value. The world has embraced the phenomenon of outsourcing and companies have adopted its principles to help them expand into other markets. India was earlier famous as an IT Services destination but was not considered a strong force in terms of product development. However this mindset is changing as an increasing number of product development companies see the light of day. Clients from Europe and other markets are now comfortable in outsourcing their product development work to Indian companies. Taking advantage of the scenario Ajith Balakumar, a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience built LogikAvenue (LA). With senior industry experts in the team, such as Prof. Ramesh G, Chief Mentor an Associate Professor from IIM Bangalore and Chairperson of the Center for Public Policy; Kumar Sukumar, Business Architect, a former Consultant with HSBC Data Processing India and Dharmendra Saxena, Technology Evangelist, a senior executive with more than 25 years of new product development, business planning, strategic initiative; LA has come to the forefront as a supplier of innovative IT products including mobile application development, product development, and outsourced product development services. LA's knowledge on multiple technologies like embedded, enterprise and mobile is the backbone for the innovative product offerings.

Building Trust

Founded about a decade ago LA today is a trusted name within the industry and brings value to small and large engagements. Partnering with global giants in the consulting and product development sphere, LA has earned the trust and the respect of the industry and its clients. The success of LA is directly reflected by the people behind the company who have excellent knowledge and proven expertise in the Industry and Academia.

LA's major forte lies in three specific segments i.e. Enterprise IT Security, Mobile commerce platform for B2C/B2B relationships and Outsourced Product Development .

i) Enterprise IT Security product - Base[Fix]

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