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Lex Favios: A Full-Service Law Firm Enriched with Eminent Experts

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
India, an emerging economy, has seen a boom in inward foreign investments and it is here that legal professionals are seen having a major role to play in structuring and advising such investments. Law firms in such context can only advise on the legal aspect of a transaction and have their own limitations, resulting, in several professional firms being involved in an investment transaction.

In response to this, recently a full service law firm has been established, with offices at Delhi and Mumbai. Lex Favios, Advocates and Solicitors, which is enriched with award-winning legal experts from various legal professions – lawyers, CAs and CS – who hold client's hands throughout the whole process of compliances. The Delhi-based multi-disciplinary law firm provides tangible and cost-effective solutions.

Amidst other firms that confine themselves within a couple of sector-specific services, Lex Favios, a four months old firm is a full service law firm, that is the firm provides multi-professional services in foreign investments in India, cross-border & non-resident taxation issues, banking & finance, regulatory & policy, IT and litigation & dispute resolution, and has built its forte in M&A, PE, capital markets and corporate finance. Having a deep domain expertise, Lex Favios serves clients in various verticals including manufacturing, telecommunications, education, hospitality, IT, consumer products and cosmetics & drug laws among others. Lex Favios was founded in 2014 by Sumes Dewan, as its Founding & Managing Partner, who has eighteen years of experience and specialisation in Foreign Investment in India, Corporate Laws, Banking & Finance, JVs, Cross Border Taxation Issues, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and SEBI Takeover Regulations. He has been advising clients on issues related to making an offering in the domestic/international market, drafting the requisite documents for the IPO/American Depository Receipts/Global Depository Receipts/Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds/Euro bonds and notes, Warrants, rights issues and others.

Dewan is one of the few lawyers in India to be admitted as an Honorary fellow of Association of Fellows and Legal Scholars. Apart from several other honourable memberships, he has also been nominated by Asia Law Leading Lawyers survey consistently from 2007-2014 as one of the most highly acclaimed legal experts in Asia-Pacific in Capital Markets & Corporate Finance. Dewan decided to set up his own firm to do justice to his passion of providing all inclusive services and inculcate the strategies he believes in.

The firm has been structured to have one practice head for every practice area. The firm has 15 lawyers including key industry experts such as Indranil Ghosh (Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution), Shaiwal Srivastava (Head of Alternate Dispute Resolution), Sarvesh Srivastava (Head of Tax Practice), Neeru Tuteja (Head of Capital Markets & PE), Shradha Puri & Yeshika Dublish (M&A and General Corporate & Commercial).

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