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Leeyo Software: Where Career Development & Fun Define Success

si Team
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
si Team
If implemented effectively, an automated revenue system can be a talisman for a business to enable financial stability, thus overall efficiency. However, the complex and ever-evolving business ecosystem makes the task trickier. Present revenue recognition and automation software needs to not only gel well with all ERP systems, but also enable a better visibility, functionality and configurability, while complying with regulatory and corporate guidance. Sensing the need, Leeyo Software Private Limited - a U.S.- headquartered financial software and services company - pioneered in developing a next-generation software named RevPro. With this comprehensive and the only standards-based, enterprise-class revenue recognition software suite in the market, Leeyo has been instrumental in automating the complex processes, thereby equipping businesses to achieve accurate, on-time, compliant and predictable financials.

Founded in 2009, Leeyo has emerged into a most trusted partner to the biggies with nearly 100 successful implementations and $250 billion in revenue, clearly reflecting its success portfolio collectively built by patented innovations, customers and people. "Our employees are recognized as some of the best and brightest in the industry, and our growth is fueled by them. I'm very proud of the way the company has grown, both in the U.S. and in India, and I'm particularly glad we are able to provide excellent benefits, programs, and resources to employees in both locations," adds Jagan Reddy, Founder & CEO, Leeyo.

Empowering Career Development

With major focus vested onto employee referral candidates, Leeyo strives to create a better relationship with every recruits as well as applicants. Career Development is the utmost priority at Leeyo. Backed by the skilled and qualified managers and mentors who are regularly trained to become better career coaches, the recruits go through well-organized and structured trainings to adapt to the new workplace (New Bee System) and fuel the company's goal to lead. Apart from several developmental trainings, the employees are also encouraged to augment their versatility through job rotations, onsite and offsite working opportunities, direct interaction with customers and international exposure. In addition, the diverse background of the employees provides the valuable prospective to drive a global work culture. On the other hand, the transparent appraisal system, monthly and quarterly feedback and rewards programs help to create a winning culture at Leeyo.

"Leeyo - A legion of enthusiastic professionals where their unlimited creativity and niche technology are unleashed, a challenging environment where the combination of technology and functional expertise are demonstrated, and highly rewarding and encouraging team which primarily invests on the human potential and their satisfaction quotient," asserts Jegannathan.B, Manager - HR, Leeyo.

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