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Leadership Thoughts Pour @ siliconindia Women Summit

Ojas Sharma
Friday, April 2, 2010
Ojas Sharma
The days when women had to struggle to reach higher positions in corporate world is long gone. Women today are empowered and are capable of leading companies from the front. But there are still many areas where women lack courage and guidance to move forward and often talk with women leaders give them the necessary boost. Seeing the need of such a forum, SiliconIndia celebrated women's day by conducting Women Leadership Summit on Friday, March 5, 2010, throughout the country in six cities.

To overcome the hesitation, Radha Giri, Associate Vice President (Product Marketing) at Harbinger points out how social media can be used to make an online image and how women can exploit their ability to connect with the world and build relationship on the online world. Her session involved many games and puzzles which revealed the importance of social networking services and how they can help women to empower themselves. "Women empowerment is more of a gateway for the fast development of the country, as it's always said - a woman empowered means an entire family empowered. Without this, the basic goals of any country will stand in jeopardy," says Sunisha Thomas, Vice President of Aegis.

Many companies have now left aside the gender biases and are offering key position jobs according to merit. Speaking on her company, Swati Ketkar Executive Director of Harbinger said, "Harbinger always had an interesting ratio of men and women and I am glad that we have many women at senior position who are taking on different key roles and responsibilities."

The day-long summit enabled women technology professionals to expand their network and help in professional development. Panelists enlightened the audience by sharing their experiences and tips on how to balance their personal and professional lives.

"The event has offered many dimensions and lot of clarity to the audience. As a speaker I feel privileged and also enriched with the interaction that was part of program," says Preeti Malik, Head of Program and Content Development, Avalon-Aptech Academy.

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