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January - 2006 - issue > On The Cover

Lancesoft: Conforming to Change

Ashwini Kachapeswaran
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
For an entrepreneur to go after an idea; form a business plan; build a team and to establish an organization is a road usually taken to reach greater success and the final dream.

Many organizations have failed despite boasting a great idea, team or plan. But choosing a path that requires continuous self-discovery and redefining over time, is a road less traveled. While IT Services companies were going down in 2001, one small company with less than 40 people was gaining momentum.

It was not the money or business plan but the business principles and personal relationship that anchored Lancesoft Inc. a professional IT solutions company.

When Ram Karuppusamy, Chairman and CEO, Lancesoft Inc., founded the company in 2000, little did he think he would go through a path of discovery. His journey began when he was consulting at MCI Telecom, during the five-year stint he realized his inherent ability to manage teams, mentor people and bring about a synergy between the technical and the business aspects of the project. Thus was born the idea behind Lancesoft.

The company started with personal contacts, previous employers, vendors and social relationships. While the business picked up, the market was heading toward the bust.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:"Don’t do anything wrong today that will come back and haunt us in the future."

THIS COMPANY IS BEING HAUNTED FOR THEIR DEEDS (can't find projects for their employees, can't pay while employees on beach, per diem scandals, take money from employees to run their paychecks) FROM THE PAST.

Proved again, "Saying is Easy, Following is not for everyone".

Please do some research on the companies before posting them as great.
Posted by: - 15th Jun 2007
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