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May - 2015 - Special issue > 20 Most Promising QA and Software Testing Companies

Kripya Engineering: Crystallizing Value Creation through Quality Workmanship

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Kavitha G.
To achieve revenue growth and profit margin, companies push their boundaries to innovate processes and products. But often, they overlook the most important ingredient of excellence - creating value, which is vital to accelerate the overall growth.

Born in 2006, Kripya Engineering is a proud venture of Kripya Group of Companies which is highly acknowledged for their endeavor of ingraining the value factor in each of their innovations and service offerings. Along with Kripya Engineering, Kripya Group of Companies possesses the pride of two other ventures namely Kripya LLC based in Seattle (U.S.) and Kripya Technologies Private Limited based in Chennai (India) - which are renowned for their innovative high quality engineering & software solutions, and technology & software products. From product conceptualization to analysis, testing & validation coupled with reverse engineering models, the company has been the strength of pillars for a strong portfolio of customers that include eminent names from the industry.

"We provide services in multiple areas in software domain, but the core emphasis has been in providing software quality assurance and testing services to our customers. We identify niche areas and strive to excel in those rather than trying our hands on several varied run-off-the-mill segments," says Venkatesh Narasimhan, the company's COO. According to him, Software QA and testing landscape has undergone a significant transformation in the last two decades - the emergence of cloud based applications, the distribution of large volume of data across the globe, the need to integrate several disparate applications across the enterprise and others have all tremendously contributed to the increased complexity of software testing. This has also created a need for specialized testing in niche business verticals.

Kripya has established a proven competency in testing PLM applications over the last several years, a competency that has been built over the years of continuous engagements with key customers like Centric Software Inc. (a California based market leader in PLM solutions for retail domain). Venkatesh believes that a growing engagement that lasts several years also provides companies like Kripya an opportunity to develop internal competencies like process discipline, Agile Methods of delivery and others, and in turn, continually enhance the diversity of services that Kripya can offer to its customer. As a standard practice, Kripya looks beyond the immediate requirements of the customer and provides solutions that would fulfill the future needs. An example is the Data Analysis and Decision Support (DADS) application developed by Kripya as an extension of a customer solution in the intellectual property analysis domain.

The Backbone of the Excellence

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