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Key Ingredients to Make Your Company a Highly Preferred Workplace

Deepika Singh, Internal Communications Head, Gionee
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Deepika Singh, Internal Communications Head, Gionee
Headquartered in Shenzhen, Gionee is a Chineses mobile phone manufacturer specializing in designing & manufacturing slim, trendy and highly durable smartphones at affordable rates.

Technology companies have come a long way toward figuring out the 'secret sauce' of creating organizations that are both high performance and high trust, thereby enabling sustainably awesome results. It should come as no surprise that the most successful businesses are the ones that work the hardest to please their employees. Technology companies are seeing record profits, and in many ways, are controlling the narrative of how business gets done globally. And for the most part, they are aware that the key to success is their people, and many are creating organizations and environments that align to that belief.

With executives who see 'culture' and 'values' as mushy, it is particularly critical for team members to speak with clear definitions, distinctions, and ties to business outcomes. We should keep in mind the things employee would need that will help us to keep them on board.

Stay Organized: As a business owner, one should know how important it is to stay organized. It is very difficult to run a successful company without having a system in place for every aspect of the business. This requires ongoing effort, and the key is to remain focused on the benefits it brings to the company's success. Try to spend a few minutes each day restoring order to the workspace.

Make it Comfortable: Money doesn't buy happiness, so it is extremely important that the working environment should me made comfortable for the employee to work in peace. Bonuses, company perks and paid day offs aren't enough to keep employees happy. We need to do more than this; like showing an employee how much the company appreciates his or her efforts, respect and value them on a personal level and other similar ones. With such gestures, the employees are generally more productive, engaged and loyal to the companies. It is essential that the owner learns the key ingredients to a successful workplace.

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