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Kalycito: The Automation Partner for Your Business

si Team
Monday, December 7, 2015
si Team
The first industrial revolution witnessed exordium of machines supplementing human labor. But as technology advanced, it engendered a whole incipient era of perspicacious technologies introducing the second industrial revolution with Cloud and IoT. While it created huge opportunities for new players and technologies to emerge, it also expedited the industrial automation process through an amalgamation of smart technologies advancing the subsisting automation in the industries.

With the advances came challenges to acclimate to the technologies that were fairly incipient. With years of expertise in industrial networking, Bhagath Singh Karunakaran with Kamalakannan Govindarajulu and Mahalingam Ramasamy incorporated Kalycito in 2007 to create a difference in the Industrial Communication and Industrial IoT space. Headquartered in Coimbatore, Kalycito operates in two business verticals - embedded design services and platform based devices and services.

Addressing Automation Challenges

Kalycito is a knowledge-based firm focusing on Industrial Communication, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 technologies to provide services related to Embedded Software Development, FPGA Design & Prototyping, Embedded Hardware Design, Product Validation, Maintenance and Support. Kalycito also has continuous integration capabilities in designing, developing, delivering and maintaining networked embedded systems. With its deep expertise in Industrial Ethernet and IoT, this startup has already served customers across seven countries and five states in India. Kalycito is one of the active contributors to POWERLINK - an open source Industrial Ethernet protocol. Through its active contributions to the Open-Source community, Kalycito has helped OEMs and chip vendors indigenize complex industrial communication technology into their PLCs, drives and ICs. "As a business, we are driven by our core value of creating a difference in the lives of everyone associated with us. We do that through ingenuity and operate with extreme levels of integrity. We are very focused on industrial communication space in terms of the IT Services projects we execute. We come in with lot of domain understanding and technology depth that are expected by our customers. Our embedded R&D Solutions, which typically include device drivers and firmware software development are used by OEMs and chip manufacturers," says Bhagath, CEO & Managing Director, Kalycito.

Kalycito's IOT platform eAlerta addresses operational challenges across all businesses from small to medium scale deployments up to 10000 points.
The platform is built in a way it can be used for Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, Analytics & Alerting Requirements. Working on a SaaS-subscription model, eAlerta offers real time insights on operations, maintenance and energy by monitoring parameters such as temperature, sultriness, pressure, Demand, Units/kWh, kVA, PF and Harmonics24x7. Businesses are enabled with 100% automated and accurate data, proactive alerts and consolidated daily email reports that helps in taking quick decisions resulting in operational benefits, maintenance benefits and energy conservation benefits. Bhagath integrates, "In our eAlerta IoT platform, our motive has been our ability to address operational challenges through live monitoring at the price of astute smart phone and data plan to increase RoI, placidity of mind & growth in bottom-line. Some of our intelligent customers also use eAlerta to increase their top-line".

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