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July - 2006 - issue > Movers and Shakers

Kalyan Gangavarapu appointed as COO- Four-Soft Limited

Keerthana Venkatesh
Monday, July 3, 2006
Keerthana Venkatesh
Kalyan Gangavarapu appointed as COO- Four-Soft Limited

“One is successful not because of what he is, but what he thinks,” eulogizes Kalyan Gangavarapu, the recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of Four-Soft, a multinational Enterprise Solutions company, at Hyderabad.

Peripateting from Hyderabad to U.S., South Korea, Japan, U.K. and back to Hyderabad in a career spanning 13-years with several multinationals prior to Four-Soft, Gangavarapu scaled the career-ladder with one propelling forethought – “Leadership is much more than management.”

Victimized by the Kashmir unrest in 1991, Gangavarapu was forced to discontinue his Bachelors degree at Srinagar and relocate to Hyderabad. A short stint with Andersen Consulting in Kolkata saw him fly to the U.S. to enhance his career and earn a PhD from Harvard University.

“Four-Soft has a lot of good things that I would like to sustain,” says this new entrant. Nevertheless, he plans to introduce a quarterly-culture, setting quarterly targets to accomplish, maintaining the same level of motivation and energy of his employees.

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