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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Internet

KESDEE: Opportunities off-the-shelf

si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
si Team
During recent discussions with the Federal Reserve System, Swarna Srinivas, the President of the financial e-learning company KESDEE, once again demonstrated her ability to understand the needs of her clients and her company’s ability to provide a customized solution. KESDEE has a long list of leading blue-chip clients including Citigroup, Standard Chartered, Genworth, IBM, and CIBC. Now, add to that list the Federal Reserve System.

San Diego, CA based KESDEE (www.kesdee.com) is the largest financial e-learning company in the world. Srinivas states “I want KESDEE to provide eLearning, not eReading.” Thus, KESDEE offers courses with engaging graphics and interactive simulations. KESDEE was able to provide the Federal Reserve with a comprehensive, customized and branded e-learning portal that met their specific needs. In order to accomplish this, KESDEE supplied the Federal Reserve with its content library of over 700 off-the-shelf courses, and developed new courses covering topics such as Trading Operation Controls and Commodity and Energy Markets. In addition to content, KESDEE also offers competency mapping and provides personalized curriculum paths for various target audiences.

That, in effect, is what separates KESDEE from other e-learning solution providers. Srinivas believes in imbuing KESDEE with entrepreneurial energy and keeping the company at the cutting edge of technology, finance, and education. KESDEE is unique and focuses on off-the-shelf content licensing. But more importantly customizes its course content for various clients.

For instance, in the case that the client is an India-based company, KESDEE includes case studies from the region, tunes the course material keeping in mind the regulation prevalent in the country, and localizes content keeping in mind the relevance in the country.
There is another feature, Srinivas points out, that separates KESDEE from other e-learning solutions providers: It focuses solely on courses for the financial sector. Srinivas aims to turn KESDEE into a “dominant niche player”. That way, clients don’t have to “turn to vendor A for 10 courses, vendor B for 20 and vendor C for another 5”. KESDEE provides a comprehensive portfolio of more than 700 e-Learning courses.

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Reader's comments(2)
1:I think elearning is definitely a powerful medium of delivering value addition content.
I do not have expertise in finance but the learning portal looks exhaustive. Are you
planning to enable this content on mobile devices?

Posted by: Sudhir - 17th Nov 2008
2:very much impressed
Posted by: Ram Awatar Agrawal - 17th Nov 2008
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