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KANALYTICS: Futuristic One-Stop-Trans Media Intelligence Platform for Key Decision Maker from Media Audit to Media Strategy

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
PR industry has traditionally been synonymous with pushing stories into print and TV and tracking it to show clients how much has their contribution been to spreading their brand. However, this format of PR/Corporate Communications has outlived itself and is hardly able to cope with modern ways of brand outreach by exploiting shifting paradigms of mass media. Firstly, there is a dire need for 3rd party monitoring. PR agency that charges client for brand promotion can't be objective in tracking its own performance. Secondly, PR is much more deeper than mere reporting brand presence. Thirdly, technology must be harnessed to track trends, rather than merely reporting and enabling better PR strategization. Hence, Kanalytics, a pioneering media analytics & intelligence agency, needed to develop a tech platform that integrates all mediums, creates algorithms to measure various mediums intelligently and compares brands and their relative strengths. The business model revolves around intelligent data gathering, and churning data to suit client's needs.

Launched in 2013 by an accomplished communications & media professional Ashutosh, Kanalytics was started with the sole purpose of being decision maker's tool. His experience in launching and heading multiple brands such as siliconindia in India, ETC Networks, Filmy channel and endeavours in Reliance Entertainment (COO), Reliance-CBS JV (Director) makes him understand a company's requirements well.

Kanalytics focuses on unpaid media which has higher credibility rate and volume vis-a-vis paid media, and seeks to guide brands, corporates, personalities or political parties. The company provides proper direction by capturing entire backend of PR including identifying pro or anti publication/journalist, mediums that works out better to tackle competition, centres with better print coverage, TV channels that are more amenable to client's brand/industry and which journalist/publication needs to be told to write what.

Online Media Analytics Platform

The key to this platform is its 24/7/365 online delivery dashboard for all Print/TV/Digital clips and detailed analytics through over 250 graphs, which can be further customised to suit one's needs. This dashboard can also be accessed on its Mobile App and even be exploited as backend by PRs. Kanalytics, however, neither do media relations nor marketing to avoid any clash of interest with its core of media audit and strategy.

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