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July Systems: The Nimble and Flexible Mobile Partner

ST Team
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
ST Team
Today, the mobile market is where internet was during the mid 90s; every company wants to have a mobile presence. Though every firm is trying to leverage this emerging technology to maximize their business, companies are at different levels of maturity. Some are experimenting, some have a commercial model and others see it as critical and core to their business. The main challenge for companies that want to go mobile is to find the right vendor. Most vendors are stand-alone app developers and for a company looking for innovative, robust and scalable solutions, finding a mobile vendor that fits the bill is a huge challenge. Companies are also looking for vendors who can help them grow and evolve along with them. Rajesh T.S. Reddy, saw this need and with his expertise he knew he could make some difference.

Reddy founded July Systems, a provider of mobile application platforms to businesses worldwide, in the summer of 2001. Reddy has ensured that July Systems has the necessary flexibility and agility to tackle the issues presented by this rapidly growing and exponentially evolving market. ‘It is not about providing another technology, but providing a technology that can keep up with the pace of change in mobile’, is the business insight that has given the company the edge in its journey so far.

For example, the multitude of mobile handsets & OSes currently available in the market present a considerable challenge for companies who want to leverage mobile. Making sure that mobile applications are optimized for users on all these different devices is the key concern. July Systems is addressing this pain point with its mobile platform. “We provide our platform to our customers and we will be there for them in case they need any additional support or help. This sort of connection with our clients has helped us grow along with them,” says Anita Moorthy, Senior Director Product Marketing, July Systems. This approach has helped the company gain trust and loyalty from its clients, qualities that most companies lack in today’s business world.

Today, July Systems is the leading SaaS-based mobile application platform for businesses worldwide. Mobile services for some of the largest global brands across 150+ countries run on the company’s mobile platform supporting billions of transactions & millions of users. Key customers include Toys R Us, Unilever, Disney, ESPN, CBS Sports, PGA Tour and hundreds of others worldwide.

The company provides a robust mobile platform called Mi™ Platform to its clients, using which they can develop apps, mobile sites and other mobile gadgets. Here kicks-in the flexibility advantage that July Systems brings to the table. The company supports different models to satisfy their customer needs. It can provide just the platform with the necessary tools for the clients to develop their apps, it can develop the apps for them, or even let them partner with one of its own partners to get their mobile service up & running. This kind of flexibility is unheard of in the Indian mobile marketplace and this is the major strength of the company.

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