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Judicious Engineering: Simplifying Human Resource Management Solutions

SI Team
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
SI Team
Organizations around the world still rely on excel sheets to keep track of their HR information, be it payroll or employee attendance records. This primitive way of managing information is ineffective and cumbersome for companies. Also the data which can be an asset for an organization is usually scattered through various departments, hence the full potential of it cannot be utilized. These organizations require software solutions that can help them streamline all their employee information in one convenient place and also solutions that not only give information but also the analysis to leverage the information.

Judicious Engineering a young and dynamic Human Resource management software provider, is leveraging this gap and has entered the domestic Indian market with gusto. The company which is already a known name in the UAE has built a revolutionary Human Resource Management product that be customized based on the client’s requirements. Be it labor oriented organizations or vice versa, Judicious Engineering provides its customers with the necessary tools for efficient HRM. “Our product depends over the customer, the organization and their specific needs. We can do the analysis through our software to monitor employee work performance, project wise and department wise as well,” says Mohamed Ibrahim Enayathullah, MD, Judicious Engineering.

Their well rounded product takes care of information right from when an interview is done and an employee joins the company. From the interview master, the information is shifted to the employee master. The software can take care of attendance recording and thus ease the process of payroll.

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