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Investing in the Consumer of Tomorrow - Today!

Nikhil Vora
Founder & CEO-Sixth Sense Ventures
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Nikhil Vora
Headquartered in Mumbai, Sixth Sense Ventures is India's first domestic consumer centric venture fund. With a typical investment of up to Rs10 crores, the company leverages both its capital and experience to help companies succeed.

India is witnessing a shift from Consumer to Prosumer. People are not only 'consuming' products, but they are also significantly impacting the success/failure of products and brands, particularly through their involvement on the social web. No longer are businesses completely in control of their products, brands and messages. Today, consumers are in control!

Five Important Consumer Trends of 2016:

• Internet of 'Sharing' Things:
The propensity to consume and acquire 'status skills' will drive the internet of 'sharing' things. Indians innately have a sharing tendency - be it across food, apparels or even jewellery. We see the extension of this inherent sharing culture into organized rental oriented businesses in 2016. The new age consumer will be willing to acquire temporary status skills and indulge into the rental economy. With the sharing economy opening up, we see the opening up of 'consumer to consumer' businesses across various high frequency consumer verticals.

• Old World to make a Comeback!

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