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Intel Demonstrates’ Cloud-in-a-Box

Hari Anil
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Hari Anil
Using its ‘Cloud-in-a-Box’ demonstration tool, Intel showed technologies that will deliver a more secure, energy efficient cloud that can be deployed faster than before. Cloud computing is powered by data centres, and the vast majority of these data centres are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Intel provides the technologies required to build the foundation for cloud through innovations related to simplification, virtualization, security, open standards and others.

By 2015, more than 2.5 billion people with more than 15 billion devices will access the Internet; this is more than twice today’s demand and internet traffic is expected to reach a zettabyte, one million million billion bytes. Intel has a multi-year vision for cloud computing called Cloud 2015. In this vision, cloud data centres should be seamlessly and securely connected or federated, should be fully automated, provisioning resources with little or no human interaction, and clouds should be client-aware, providing secure access and optimal experience across a range of devices from smartphones to powerful notebooks.

To truly realize the promise of cloud computing, the company believes that open, interoperable solutions that embrace standards are essential.

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